NextGen Concrete Logs: An Investment in your Dream Home, Life & Budget

Why spend an additional $1800 per year on your log home when you don’t have to? NextGen Logs requires no upkeep, creating more time for you to relax and enjoy your log home while at the same time allowing you to invest your log maintenance money into other areas of your life. You worked hard to get the home of your dreams which is why we are committed to providing you with the look and feel of an authentic log home, but without the on-going maintenance. Take a look at our Product Benefit charts below to see for yourself why NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding is the perfect investment for your dream home – more living, less maintenance.

NextGen Logs vs. Real Wood Logs

While NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding provides the beautiful, replicated look of real wood siding, it also contains many more qualities that can help protect your home from the elements. NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding products are shrink resistant, fire resistant, insect resistant, mold resistant, and rot resistant. A unique, patented technology that not only looks luxurious and elegant on installation day, but will maintain its aesthetic characteristics over time as well without any maintenance or upkeep by the homeowner. How many homeowners of real wood siding can say the same about their log home? The NextGen Logs vs. Real Wood Logs comparison chart below illustrates for you the product benefits NextGen Logs products give you that real wood siding does not.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Taking a further look, while NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding provides a maintenance-free and upkeep-free living experience in your home, that also means a yearly maintenance cost decrease compared to having real wood log siding. Invest your, what would be, log maintenance money into other areas of your life, and spend your extra time and hours that would be spent maintaining your siding with your family. The Maintenance Cost Comparison chart below compares the maintenance cost values between real wood siding and NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding. These maintenance and upkeep cost values were generated based off of an average sized home. Look at what you, a homeowner, could save not only after one year of living with NextGen Logs, but over a 30-year period. What a difference! More living, less maintenance, and more money saved in your budget.

NextGen Logs Geographical Product Benefits

We at NextGen Logs are committed to providing you with a product to solve your solution of achieving the look of your dream log home, without the maintenance. But that isn’t all, because while we strive to give you the aesthetic, we also strive to give you quality home protection no matter where your home is located. Our company understands that with different geographic locations, comes different environmental concerns. Wildfires, mold, insects, severe temperatures, wet environments, and more take a toll on your home and with our concrete log siding product we can help you withstand and protect against them. Below is our Geographical Product Benefits map, and while many parts of the nation are affected by more than one environmental hazard, we tried to show the most severe environmental hazard in each state that our product can protect your home against. Get the look, protection and security for your dream log home with NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding today.

Invest in NextGen Logs Concrete Log Siding Today

If you would like to learn more about our line of concrete log siding products, please visit our Products page. Here you can browse through our assortment of color options, concrete log siding styles, and concrete log trim products. If you would like to take advantage of our free estimates service, you can tell us about your home siding project and dream home on our Free Estimates page. We would love to get in contact with you and discuss how we can make your dream home a reality with NextGen Logs!